Happy Holidays

The team at Daily Aquatics wishes both you and your tank mates Happy Holidays.

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Combating Algae

Aquarium owners are always dealing with something. Whether it be excessive nutrients, too many fish or in most cases unwanted algae.

Recently our planted tank started developing hair algae and we couldn’t understand why. Our water changes are done using RO/DI water and the tank is not dosed with chemicals or supplements.

This lead us to figure out what may have been the issue and it is lighting. Our LEDs are amazing, but when the photoperiod is longer than 6-8 hours, coupled with the summer heat, algae can take off.

Our solution is to lessen the lighting period along with manual removal to see if this solution works.

Stay Tuned.

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Keeping Cherry Red Shrimp


The perception in the hobby is that keeping reef or saltwater aquariums is the hardest compared to freshwater systems. As with most perceptions there are well, exceptions.

One such exception in the freshwater hobby is keeping planted tanks. Specifically, planted tanks with invertebrates. Over the past week, we introduced Cherry Red Shrimps into our three year old planted Solana aquarium.

We started out with about five shrimp (seemed like a nice amount), but the small colony has dwindled down to one. Yes, one shrimp. Water parameters are just fine, so our task is to see what is wrong. Is there an issue with pH, nitrates or stress. 

As previously mentioned, the water parameters seem fine and aesthetically the aquarium looks great...

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Modifying your aquarium


Sometimes the easiest decision in this hobby is purchasing an aquarium. Unfortunately it’s all of those decisions afterward that can make owing an aquarium stressful.

The hobby craze went from having the largest in home public aquarium to small or nano reefs. Popular aquariums are from ADA, Mr. Aqua or even the Current USA Solana tanks.

In the past, Solana tanks were considered all-in-one aquariums because they featured built in filtration. As hobbyists needs changed third party companies took this opportunity to modify tanks and third party equipment to improve water quality.

One such company is Media Baskets or In Tank, LLC. The company manufactures laser cut products that work with your existing tank...

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How to Setup a Zeovit System


Setting up a Zeovit Reactor can seem very daunting, but if you have seen systems running Zeo they look amazing. If setup and properly maintained a Zeovit System can help you achieve an ultra low nutrient system.

In the How to Setup video below, we show you how to quickly setup a Zeo system using an AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor and the Brightwell Aquatics Neo Zeo Method. Enjoy!

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