How to Setup a Zeovit System


Setting up a Zeovit Reactor can seem very daunting, but if you have seen systems running Zeo they look amazing. If setup and properly maintained a Zeovit System can help you achieve an ultra low nutrient system.

In the How to Setup video below, we show you how to quickly setup a Zeo system using an AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor and the Brightwell Aquatics Neo Zeo Method. Enjoy!

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Filming at Long Beach Aquarium


Here are a few shots we took at the Long Beach Aquarium today. More to follow





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Interview with PE Mysis

DA RAP Image

Recently at the ReefAPalooza show we interviewed a variety of retailers and manufacturers. In this video we talked with Joe Jolley of PE Mysis. Enjoy!

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Reef-A-Palooza 2012 – A Great Success!


Last weekend we, along with thousands of others, visited the 2012 Reef A Palooza show in Costa Mesa, California. The show was an overwhelming success where many retailers, manufacturers, clubs and coral propagators showcased or sold their products to various enthusiasts. DailyAquatics visited many vendors and met with the star of the show Reef Buddy!

Below are a few photos we took at the event, but best of all we have video coming very soon. Enjoy!

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Planted Tank is upgraded


About a year ago, we started a small EcoPico planted tank from Ecoxotic. The planted tank project was great, we used a little flourite, a small plant and driftwood.

Well over the course of the year we added a few more plants and they took off in the tank. The plant growth (which we believe comes from the power provided by the¬†Arm light) was so intense the plants just basked in the “sun.” Realizing our Platy’s were running out of room, we decided it was time to upgrade. Therefore, we purchased a small 10 gallon tank, replaced the flourite, added another piece of driftwood and doubled the size of the planted tank. Below are a few pics (before & after), enjoy!

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